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Oily / Acne Your Type Face Set

Oily / Acne Your Type Face Set

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Your Type Face Set in OILY/ACNE, a three-piece daily skincare routine tailored specifically for your skin type. This set includes a face cleanser, tonic toner, and facial oil to make skincare effortless and effective.

ONE. Begin with our Olive Avocado Cleanser to wash away the dirt and toxins your face accumulates throughout the day.

TWO. Cleanse and balance your skin with our gentle Watermelon Toner, removing any residual impurities and promoting a refreshed complexion.

THREE. Let our Oily/Acne Facial Serum work its magic, targeting specific concerns and providing nourishment for your skin.

Experience the convenience and benefits of a complete skincare routine designed to address oily and acne-prone skin.

Each bottle in the set contains 50ML of product, providing a total of 150ML for the entire set.

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