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Pink Salt Under Armpit Cleanser

Pink Salt Under Armpit Cleanser

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Our Pink Salt Under Armpit Cleanser, a solid clay-based cleanser specially formulated for the delicate skin of your armpits. This unique cleanser is designed to lighten and soften your underarms, leaving them feeling velvety to the touch.

〰️ lighten
〰️ soften
〰️ helps with chicken skin
〰️ natural exfoliant
〰️ natural deodorizer

Ingredients: Glycerin, Pink Salt, Kaolin Clay, Lavender, Lavender Buds, Tea Tree Oil Lemongrass

Size: 50G


We advise you do a patch-test before use. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use. As much as our items are organic, skincare is not a one size fits all!

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