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Suncare Trio Set

Suncare Trio Set

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The ultimate Suncare Trio - a set of three sun-loving superheroes!

Get ready to have your sun protection game on point with this fantastic collection. With a variety of mouthwatering variants to choose from - Mango, Cucumber, and Watermelon - you can mix and match to create your dream sun protection experience!

Let's dive into the delightful options available in this fabulous set:

  1. LIQUID Fresh Sunblock SPF75: Say hello to liquid sunshine! This lightweight sunblock is your go-to for a refreshing and breezy application. 

  2. CREAM Fresh Sunblock SPF75: Need a little more coverage and a touch of luxuriousness? Our cream sunblock has got you covered! With the same SPF75 goodness, it offers a thicker consistency for that extra oomph.

  3. Aloe After Sun Gel: After a sun-filled adventure, it's time to soothe and pamper your skin with our Aloe After Sun Gel. This magical potion will hydrate and refresh your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated after a long day under the sun.

Choose your OWN: CREAM Sunblock, LIQUID Sunblock and AFTER SUN GEL.

Each bottle comes in a generous 100ML size, ensuring you have plenty of product to enjoy. With a total of 300ML worth of sun care goodness, you'll be well-equipped to face any sunny escapade that comes your way!

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