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The Regenerate Set = 1% Retinol Cream + Honey Moisturizer

The Regenerate Set = 1% Retinol Cream + Honey Moisturizer

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Introducing The Regenerate Set, the ultimate DUO for your skincare routine. It combines our 1% Retinol Cream and Honey Moisturizer to provide transformative benefits for your skin.


Retinol, derived from pure Vitamin A, is the answer to a range of skin issues like acne, fine lines, brown spots, and more. Our 1% retinol cream contains retinoid acid, the active form of Vitamin A that binds with skin cells, promoting a younger and healthier appearance.

Please note: When using retinol for the first time, there may be an adjustment period. It typically takes around three weeks for your skin cells to adapt and build tolerance to retinoid acid. Initially, you may experience some irritation, which is normal. To ease into it, we recommend mixing our 1% retinol cream with your current moisturizer during the first few applications.

Our 1% retinol cream is unscented, free of pigments, and packed with beneficial ingredients.

Size: 50G.


Hydrate your skin and alleviate that tight feeling with our nourishing Honey Moisturizer. Packed with plant-powered ingredients, it deeply hydrates, reduces inflammation, and protects against dehydration. Experience the best botanical cream for your skin.

Pair our 1% Retinol Cream with our Honey Moisturizer for a powerful skincare combination. These two products work harmoniously to revitalize and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a radiant and youthful complexion.

Note: The Regenerate Set is free from artificial fragrances or pigments.

Unlock the potential of your skincare routine with The Regenerate Set—a perfect duo that will transform and replenish your skin.

Size: 50G

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