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Waterbaby Watermelon Cream Sunblock SPF75

Waterbaby Watermelon Cream Sunblock SPF75

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Your favourite sunblock, now in a cream version for more coverage!

Check out the incredible features of our Waterbaby Watermelon Cream Sunblock:

  • UVA & UVB protection: Shield yourself from those harmful rays with confidence. Our cream has got you covered from all angles!
  • Face & Baby Friendly: It's not just for you, but for your adorable little ones too! The cream is gentle and safe for their delicate skin, making it a must-have for the whole family.
  • Non-Sticky: Bid farewell to sticky situations! Our formula ensures a non-sticky application, so you can feel fresh and comfortable all day long.
  • Moisturizing Shea Butter: Say hello to hydrated skin! We've added shea butter to give your skin an extra dose of moisturization while you enjoy the sun.
  • Reef-Friendly Zinc Oxide: We care about the ocean and its inhabitants. That's why our sunblock is made with reef-friendly zinc oxide, so you can protect your skin and the environment at the same time.
  • Thicker Consistency: No more watery mishaps or uneven application. Our cream comes with a thicker consistency, making it a breeze to apply on your body for flawless coverage.

So, grab your Waterbaby  Watermelon Cream Sunblock, apply it with a smile, and get ready to conquer the sunny days ahead! With its fantastic features and incredible protection, this cream will become your new best friend in the battle against harmful sun rays. Embrace the joy of sun protection and let the adventures under the sun begin!

Ingredients: 40% Aloe Vera Extract, 30% Shea Butter, 4% Virgin Coconut Oil, 3% Vitamin E, 3% Vitamin B5, 4% Eucalyptus, 6% Tea Tree, 5% Peppermint, 5% Calendula Oil

Size: 100ML

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